Tax Tools

Simplify and expedite your tax preparation process with recommended tools by Trader Tax Advisors. Leverage the latest in technology and software to organize and calculate essential data points that can help you save more money on your taxes.

Some of our most recommended tax tools:

Onvio Client Center

Clients can conveniently manage their portal from their phone and upload documents with the tab of the screen.

Mile IQ

This Microsoft app automatically tracks trips using a phone’s GPS. Swipe right for business, left for personal. You can further categorize it to charitable, moving, medical, meals, temporary work location, etc. At the end of the year, you can export your info. Try it so you know it!


Originally started as an efficient way for employees to submit expense reports, Expensify has the ability to scan a receipt with your phone, itemize the expenses, and sync with QBO. Ditch that shoebox of receipts and adopt the paperless, minimalist lifestyle you always wanted.


Automatic personal financial statements powered by Intuit. Budgets? You betcha. Bills? Done. Credit scored? Checked. Current net worth, how much your car is worth, next months bills, and a mobile app? All there. And it’s free. Transactions can even be exported.


Hubdoc automatically converts files into searchable PDFs, auto-files and sorts the documents, and syncs with SmartVault as well as with QuickBooks.

Genius Scan

.JPGs and .BMPs are time consuming to view. Fax is becoming outdated. Genius Scan allows you to use your phone to scan your document as a PDF. It fixes contrast, borders, skewed edges, and lets the user know if they’re cutting off part of the document. No more pics. No more fax.


This little tool pays for itself! Log trips, decode engine light diagnostics, crash alerts, automatic gas usage tracking, how smooth do you drive, drive more economically, parking tracking, and more. You know what’s wrong with your car before you take it to a mechanic, allowing you to get quotes and bargain for a better deal. The app syncs with your phone and identifies where you filled up, the price of gas, how many gallons, and tells you how much you spent on gas… without you tracking anything! Not free, but it costs more not to have it.


Nothing fancy. Just another easy way for tax payers to get some quick, simple answers on their own.